Monday, July 01, 2013

It's Here....

I am determined to get you all organized!  This (so far) is one of my MOST favorite organizers I have released...

This box has 20 1" compartments which are perfect for storing your Silhouette Sketch Pens, Stickles (right side up or upside down!), Distress Paints, Ink Sprays, well basically anything you can fit in a 1" square area!

Here is the tutorial:

Please note: I changed all divider pieces to have tabs after these photos were taken to make the box stronger.

1.  Cut out the pieces of the 1" Divider Box.  Starting with the box, fold on all the score lines then add a strong adhesive to the tabs.  Adhere the tabs to the sides.
2.  Fold the tabs on the divider pieces so they are all pointing up.  Place adhesive on the tabs.
3.  I like to assemble my grid before inserting into the box so everything lines up properly.  Place your four smaller divider pieces so the slots are up then slide in one of the longer pieces pushing the slots into place.
4.  Put in the second longer piece, again pushing the slots into place as you go.
5.  Finally place the third (and last) long piece lining up the slots.
6.  Next, drop your grid into your box.  The side tabs will be loose to provide you wiggle room before you adhere them.  Move your pieces around to get straight lines.
7.  When you are happy with the shape, press the tabs against the box sides to adhere them into place.

Pretty easy, right!?  

Happy organizing!

Here is a sneak of what is coming this week...

Be sure to check back later this afternoon for the Elegant Favor Box tutorial!


imbzystitchin said...

Great idea. I was cutting it last night and noticed that there are problems with the score lines. The long divider piece score lines are misplaced and some of the score lines on the box are missing.

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Hi! I am sorry you are having issues with the file. I created my sample from the file and did not have any issues with the score lines. You may need to contact Silhouette or redownload the file and try again.


Lorraine A said...

I just made this and it's fab :-)

thanks :-)

Lols x x x

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