Elegant Favor Box!

Well hello again!  I am back with another favor box, this one a little more elegant than the rest.  
Supplies used:

This is my Elegant Favor box and it is perfect for Weddings, Anniversary Parties, Graduation Parties, or even to give as a gift.  There are four pieces to this cut file:  the box, two large designer pieces (one for the bottom and one to help shape the top), and one center piece.  The center piece would be perfect for personalizing!

This file works with both the Cameo and Portrait mats.

1.  Cut the Elegant Favor box in the desired papers.
2.  Fold on all the score lines of the box then add adhesive to the four tabs shown.
3.  Adhere the tabs to the sides of the box.
4.  Fold the top of the box down and tuck the tab into the slot.
5.  Apply adhesive to the top of the box.
6.  Adhere one of the two large designer pieces to the top of the box.
7.  Turn the box over and apply adhesive to the bottom of the box, then adhere the second designer piece.
8.  Turn your box back over and it should look like this!
9.  Place foam adhesive on the back of the smaller designer piece.
10. Adhere the smaller piece to the center of the top of the box.



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