More RV Shoe Storage

Have you guys seen the TRONES shoe storage bins at IKEA?  They come in white or black and you get two of them for $34.99!  And they happen to fit on the bottom of our 297RSTS queen bed really well!  We hung ours on the end of the bed and the mattress (we have a foam topper on ours) pretty much covers their width and the bedspread covers them entirely so you don't even know they are there!  Each bin opens and you can store 2-3 pairs of shoes or you can use these to store lots of other items too!  There is a little lip on the top of each bin as well so you can use it as a shelf for wallets/keys/etc.!  They are hard to find in stock at IKEA but their website has a notification that they will send you when they are back in stock in your area.

Width: 20-1/2" Depth: 7-1/8" Height: 15-3/8"

Two size 10 shoes inside.  If we put the slides/crocs inside each other we can get a third pair of sandals in. We are at a muddy location!  These are plastic which makes them easy to vacuum and wipe down as well!

For our main shoe storage, I had two crates around the house that just happened to be a good size for where I wanted them.  We joined the two crates together, made little shelves in them then stained everything with a black stain and viola...a place for 5 pair of shoes close to the doorway!  This whole thing stores inside our ottoman when we are on the move.  I like to be able to move shoes to the TRONES when people are coming over to visit so they can store their shoes in our cubbies.



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