RV Bidet Install!

I have been looking (...and looking) for a bidet solution for our camper.  It is something we have at home and with the "RV toilet paper" options on the market (which are thin, pricey, and just not comfortable!), it only makes sense to me to move forward in getting a bidet into our travel trailer! 

We have a Reflections 297RSTS and that came with a 
Thetford 42070 Aquamagic Style II.

What we have been told is that our blue plumbing tube is a Braided PEX. You can see a pattern in the blue tube.  An important note...this is not normal PEX which means it is NOT rigid enough to support a SharkBite. 
This is the plumbing that is currently behind the toilet:
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I purchased the Samdora Bidet from Amazon. I went with this one because it was an ultra-slim design, only 0.19 in thickness so it wouldn't require seat to be adjusted and it fwas really well priced for having the dual nozzles.  

We do not stay in our camper full time so I did not feel like we needed an electric/heated bidet so that did make this a bit more simpler by eliminating the need to have electricity as well as being able to purchase a slimline bidet vs a toilet  seat which may be hard to fit on the RV toilets.

Here is a list of what we have purchased for this project:
Samodra Slimline Bidet Seat
Amazon $27.99

2 Hose Clamps for each "barb" end

Seat Hinge Bolts/2pk
1000 055 041 - $2.87 Home Depot
As you can see in the above image our toilet seat bolt is to the right of the packaged bolts.  We did need longer bolts to secure the bidet and toilet seat.

Now to install the bidet!
We cut the braided PEX using the Ratcheting Pipe Cutter:

Then we placed the Dishwasher Tee Valve in place and used the hose clamps around each barb and tightened.  I like the "dishwasher tee valve" as it now gives us a "turn off" for the toilet as well.

And viola! we have a bidet!
Things to check before you adventure into this project:
Check your toilet hinges to make sure this bidet seat will work for you.  We did a "dry fit" before cutting the plumbing!  Make sure the handle for the bidet fits in your bathroom and door can close.  This bidet worked perfectly for our 2021 297RSTS.

If you have regular PEX
(only if you have regular PEX...Trust me
 it will leak if you have our braided PEX!
and want to use SharkBite fittings,
you can find them here:
SharkBite Tee Stop
1/2" x 1/2" x 3/8" OD
Part #24984 - $21.97 Home Depot
Part # 24984 - $21.68 Amazon

SharkBite Disconnect Clip 1/2"
$1.97 Home Depot
$1.97 AmazonSamdora Bidet from AmazonSamdora Bidet from Amazon



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