US State Map with Printable Stickers

This Print and Cut file comes with the gray US Map rectangle cut with the "adventure awaits" phrase and 50 State Stickers so that you can mark what States you have traveled to! This set comes in letter size (8-1/2" x 11").  Print the gray map on cardstock and the State stickers on label/sticker paper then cover the gray States with the colored States as you travel.  

Here is the tutorial:

1. Open the Studio file and load your printer with letter sized cardstock.
2. Print the gray map.  Load onto your mat and cut.
3. Move the colored State Stickers to the virtual mat.  Load your printer with your label/sticker paper and print.
4. Print the colored States.  Load print to mat and cut.  Make sure to adjust your settings!
5-6. Move the colored States to the gray map as you travel to mark where you have been!



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