Sunday, March 16, 2014

3D Coreopsis Paper Flower

This fun flower has so much texture and dimension!
This is my Coreopsis Flower!

Here is the tutorial...
1.  Cut out all your pieces and then match your flower sizes together.
2.  For each flower, you will have a top and bottom piece.  Curl the top edges of each petal down and curl the bottom edges of each petal up.
3.  Place a foam adhesive in the center of the bottom.
4.  Then adhere the top piece on.
5.  Your flowers should look like these now!
6.  Gather your two circle pieces.
7.  Adhere them together in the center and pull the end up as shown.
8.  Grab one of your scallop pieces and place adhesive along the bottom straight edge.
9.  Begin wrapping the piece around a skewer (or pencil), keeping it tight and even.
10. Your piece should look like this.  Add adhesive to the second scallop strip.
11. Adhere that strip to the existing form, staggering the scallops slightly.
12. Wrap around the other scallop piece tightly, keeping the bottoms even. 
13. Do this again with the third scallop strip.  
14. Your finished piece should look like this now.
15.  Adhere that inside your center circle.
16.  Now adhere the center to the smallest flower.
17.  Ink around the edges of all the flowers shapes as desired.
18.  Assemble the flower pieces in size order.
19.  Attach the stem using the directions below!

1.  Place a glue dot in one corner and your skewer or pencil in the opposite corner as shown.
2.  Roll tightly toward your glue dot.
3.  Place a piece of tape around the end to secure in place and remove the skewer.
4.  Cut three slits in one end and bend then down.  Apply adhesive to the flat areas and adhere to the bottom of your flower!

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