Pop-Up Slimline Cards + Envelope!

 Have you tried Slimline Cards yet?  They are all over and so much fun!  I have created three basic templates for adding pop-ups to these cards!  

Each card is 3-1/2" x 8-1/2" and comes with the card base, front mat, and the pop-up insert!  You can use these cards vertically or horizontally.  Due to the size of the cards as they come they are recommended for 12x12+ cutting mats.  If you are using a Portrait (8" x 12") cutting area you will have to reduce the size of the card to cut.  The envelope is sized at 4" x 9" when assembled and would also need to be reduced in size if not using the larger cutting mats.

Single Slimline Pop-Up Card

Here is the tutorial:

1. All of these cards assemble the same.  Cut out the pieces and fold on the score lines.
2. For the pop-up insert, fold in half using the score lines.  The pop-up piece folds out where the center of the card folds in (shown in image). Adhere the front mat in center of front card base.
3. Adhere the pop-up insert inside the card base, centering.
4.  The card can be used horizontally or vertically.
5. Embellish and fill as desired!

Double Slimline Pop-Up Card

Triple Slimline Pop-Up Card

Slimline Envelope
Here is the tutorial:

1. Cut out the envelope and fold on the score lines.
2. Flip the envelope over and place adhesive on the bottom flap, the larger center flap, and adhere the mat to the inside of the envelope opening (if wanted).  I am using 1/4" adhesive tape in photo.
3. Fold the smaller center flap in then the larger flap in and adhere the larger flap down.
4. Adhere the the bottom flap up and then fill and close top flap.  Embellish as desired!

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