A Little Bathroom Humor!

We recently gutted our main floor half-bath and refinished it, which took WAY longer than I ever expected...because you know, you always run into more issues than you could ever anticipate!  I am FAMOUS for starting a project thinking I can do it in a night or weekend time span...and my poor husband, well he always seems to have to come in and save the day (or weeks in this case!) HA!  Nothing like knocking out a cabinet and then realizing the floor isn't under there or the drywall isn't finished!   Eeesh.

It took weeks but I am absolutely in love with the results!  That's always a good feeling, right!?  Anyway, I created a few SVG files for my new shelves and have uploaded them into my stores!  You can find these at my Silhouette Design Store or in Cricut Design Space Friendly SVG files on JamieandJenn.com.

Here is a little more of the bathroom remodel!
(because I am so proud of it :) )

I hope you guys love these as much as I do!
Find these files here:



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