3D Carnation and Hydrangea Paper Flowers

Last week I received LOTS of requests for a Carnation 
and I am really hoping you guys like this one.  I think it would be really 
pretty done in white with inked edges of color!
Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all the pieces.  Bend the leaf pieces on the score lines.
2.  I am using a long stemmed brad for mine, you could use glue if you'd rather.  Scrunch up the smallest piece then place the brad in the center.
3-4.  Continue adding in the next size layer and scrunching it around the existing layer until you have all the layers on.  Close the brad.
5.  Fluff out the layers until you get your desired look.
6.  Adhere your carnation on to the leaf pieces.

This next one is a lot of fun!
This is my Hydrangea Paper Flower and it comes with its own form 
(made from paper too!) so you do not need to buy any styrofoam balls!  
Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all your flower pieces and ink as desired.  Curve all the petals with a skewer (or pencil) to make them look a little more natural.
2.  Next cut out your flower form.
3.  Curve the long in around and tuck the tab into the slot.  Your form should look like this now!
4-6.  Bring the opposite tab piece across and insert it into the slot so they all cross over each other.
7.  Your form should look like this now.
8.  Cut out all your middle pieces.
9.  Each middle piece gets folded up so the circle pieces are standing up from the center circle.  Adhere one in the center of each of the smaller flowers.  
10.  Adhere each of the smaller flowers in the center of the larger flowers, staggering a bit.
11.  Continue doing this until all of your flowers are built.
12.  Begin adhering your flowers on your flower form.  I started at the bottom base and overlapped the flowers just slightly.
13.  Your flowers should look like this once all your pieces are on!
14.  Cut out your leaf pieces and pinch on the score lines.  Ink as desired then place in the flower form as desired!

The fabulous Allie Gower created this one!
Isn't it gorgeous!?  I love all that inking and the way she did the leaf pieces!
Be sure to pop over to her blog to see more...



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