3D Columbine & Lisianthus Paper Flowers

Good morning!  Are these flowers helping you feel a little closer to Spring?  
I keep trying, but we are still SO very cold here in Michigan!  
It has to be getting closer, right?!

Today I am sharing my Columbine Flower!  This one goes together really quickly and would be gorgeous in a variety of colors!
Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all the piece and bend the leaf pieces on the score lines.
2.  Use a skewer or pencil to crease the center of each large petal then curl up the smaller petals.  For the center circle pieces, adhere them all together then pull the ends up as shown.
3.  Adhere the larger petals to the leaf piece then adhere the next size on top of that.  Adhere the larger bloom to the center and then adhere the circle center to the smallest bloom and then adhere it to the center of the flower.  Ink as desired.

This next flower is my Lisianthus and it would be gorgeous in a vase or bridal bouquet!
Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all the pieces and pinch the leaves on the score lines.  Ink around the edges of the flower pieces if desired.
2.  Adhere the leaf pieces together and then adhere the centers of the circle pieces together.
3.  Pull up the ends of the circle piece so it look like this now.
4.  Use a pencil or skewer to roll the petals on the flowers in all different directions.  
5.  Adhere the center of the flower into the next smallest shape...
6.  Scrunch the flower up as shown.
7-11.  Adhere it in the next size flower shape and scrunch it up...continue doing this until all flower pieces are in place.
12.  Fluff out the layers a little to get your desired shape the adhere the leaf pieces to the bottom to finish.



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