Wallet Sized Grade Frames!

Graduation is JUST around the corner!  
These Wallet Sized Grade Frames are perfect for all those graduation parties.  It is a quick and easy decoration that looks great against your table backdrops, across walls, table fronts, entryways, and more!  Such a great way to show off your grad!  Each frame is approximately 3-1/4" x 4-1/4" and holds a standard wallet sized photo (2-1/2" x 3-1/2").  The file comes with the two photo frames and an insert (in case you want to mat smaller images, or if you are missing a photo you can hand write a message!) and is compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats.  The frames have a fold over tab so twine/ribbon can easily be attached.  Looks for all SEVEN files to complete the set!

Here is the tutorial:
1. Cut out the frames in each file.  NOTE: You will not need the insert piece unless you are matting a smaller photo or handwriting a message. Place a small strip of adhesive across the twine/ribbon tab as shown.  I am using 1/8" double sided adhesive tape.
2. The back side of your frame will have adhesive down the side tab. Insert and center your photo using the tab cut to hold the bottom of the photo.
3. Fold over your side tab and adhere to the frame.  Add another piece of adhesive on the tab front.
4. Close the frame, securing your adhesive to the frame back.  NOTE: This tab was placed in the file so that adhesive would not interfere with the image.
5. Flip your frame over and insert your twine/ribbon toward the score line.
6. Then expose your adhesive and press down firmly.  If you are using a thin ribbon or twine, you can still slide the frame so that you can position easily.
7-8. Continue building and attaching frames!
9. The photos will easily lift through the front so that they can be removed.
10. The tab slot shows through the back of the frame so that you can easily tuck images back in even when the frames are complete.

 Tips for cutting:  Use a smooth cardstock and slow your machine down.  I am using a 60# weight cardstock and a speed of 4.



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