Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pinwheel Card Wraps

These fun Pinwheel Closure Card Wraps are self-closing and come with a mat for the inside center.  These are one cut bases, the 12x12 mat cut is 5.35" when folded and the 8x12 mat is 3.5" when folded (the file comes with both versions).     These work really nicely with double-sided cardstock paper! 

Scallop Pinwheel Card Wrap

Pinwheel Card Wrap
1.  Cut out your pieces and adhere your card mat in the center.
2.  Fold the center piece up and then fold back the flap.  Hold down.
3.  Fold the left flap over toward center then fold the flap back.  Lay over the center flap.
4.  Do the same for the top flap and lay on top of the left flap.
5.  Finally, fold your right flap and this one will tuck into the the first (bottom) flap.
6.  When folded, your card wrap will look like this!

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