Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Boxes!

This six sided box come with the box base and a removable lid with a decorative edge!  This is perfect for placing candy and goodies inside for parties or to give to someone special!  

Here's the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all the pieces and fold on the score lines.
2.  With the box base, place adhesive on the side tab and adhere to the other side.  Over lap the bottom tabs.
3.  Place adhesive along the edges of the back of one of the box pieces.
4.  Insert your piece in the bottom of the box.  Flip the box over.
5.  Adhere the last box piece on the bottom to hide the tabs.
6.  Place adhesive on the side tabs of the lid.  Adhere to the other side to form the lid shape.
7.  Place the lid on the box.
8.  Place your ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow.  Fill as desired!

You can find this file in my stores soon!


1 comment:

mark lawrence said...

Hey, these are truly adorable halloween boxes. Great job my friend. By sharing this post You reminded me of the halloween event that I attended at domestic event space New York. It was truly a wonderful event and I enjoyed it a lot!!

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