Monday, December 09, 2013

Top Locking Bow Boxes!

Today I am sharing my new Top Locking Bow Boxes.  I have three variations of this box each approximately 6" x 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" with the box height just over 3".   These boxes come with the box base, the bow base, and the bow detail piece (each piece needs to cut twice).

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut two of the box base pieces.  Place adhesive on each tab as shown.
2.  Adhere the two boxes together using one tab.
3.  Then used the remaining tab to adhere the boxes together.
4.  Pop the box up to form.  Tuck the two bottom tabs in and then place adhesive on the bottom flaps.
5.  Adhere the bottom of the box shut.
6.  Stand the box up and bend the bow top down on the score line.  Fill your box with your goodies.
7.  Bend the top pieces and slide the bows on each side of the other, locking the top closed with the notch.
8.  Adhere the bow base in place on each side.
9.  Your foam adhesive to adhere the detail bow in place.
10.  Your box should look like this.
11. This is a side view.
12.  I place a little bit of removable adhesive in between the bows to keep them together.  The removable adhesive is easy to pull apart to get the gift in and out of and allows the recipient to close them again as well.

Here are the other two versions of this box:


magicangie said...

I absolutely love your creative!

Betsy said...

So cute! Could use this all year long.

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