Saturday, November 16, 2013

Large Bows - Part Two!

Today is part two of my large bows!  You can find the other bows in the posts below.
These next two bows are made for packages, bags, or even wreaths as they are bulkier than my other bows.  Both of these bows can be sized to fit your needs and is compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats!   

1.  Cut out the bow pieces.  Starting with the largest, turn the piece over and place adhesive on each tab.
2.  Adhere one of the tabs to the center, lining up the bow curve the adhere the opposite side.
3-5.  Continue adhering the tabs pieces to the center until all are in.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the remaining two bow pieces. 
7. Adhere the middle bow on top of the largest bow.
8. Then adhere the smallest bow in the center of the middle bow.
9. Bend all the little pieces of the circle center up and adhere it to the center of the bows as shown.
10. Place a small foam square on the bottom center of the largest bow.
11. Adhere the bow base in place on the backside of the bow.
12. Turn your bow back over (right side up) and place a twine bow in the center to embellish!

1.  Cut out the bow pieces.  
2.  For each bow piece, turn the piece over and place adhesive on each tab. Adhere the tabs in toward the center.  With the small center piece, form a loop and place adhesive to hold its shape.
3.  Starting with the large pieces, adhere two in a cross form as shown.
4.  Adhere a third on staggering.
5.  Then add the fourth as shown to complete.
6-8.  Do the smaller pieces as you did the larger.
9.  Place a small foam square in the center of the larger bow
10. Then attach the smaller bow to the center of the larger.
11. Adhere the loop in the center of the bows.
12. Attach the bow base to the back of the bow as shown.
13. Your bow will look like this now!

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