Friday, July 12, 2013

I Love Geeks, Really I Do!

This cut file comes with the card base, the card mat, the pocket pieces, and the “I <3 all="" and="" both="" build="" cameo="" can="" card="" file="" fits="" font="" geeks="" machines.="" nbsp="" or="" pieces.="" pieces="" portrait="" separate="" shown="" the="" them="" this="" to="" together="" use="" you="">

1.  Cut out the pieces in your desired papers.
2-3.  Starting with the pocket, fold on all the score lines then place adhesive on the tabs.
4. Adhere the tab pieces to the pocket base as shown.
5.  Grab the card base and fold on the score line.  Adhere your mat to the card base.
6.  Place foam adhesive on the back of the sentiment cut.
7.  Apply the sentiment cut to the center of the sentiment mat.  Place a small foam piece in the center of the heart.  Adhere the heart to the sentiment piece.
8.  Apply the sentiment piece to the bottom center of the card as shown.
9.  Tie twine around your pocket piece (if desired).
10. Tie a coordinating piece of twine around the bow.
11.  Adhere the pocket to the front of the card as shown.
12.  Insert your money or gift card!

Isn't it adorable!?
And yes, I do love geeks.

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