Sliding Money Holder

 The Sliding Money Holder Box can hold single bills or multiples making it perfect for so many occasions!  The cut file comes with the box and sliding tray and includes an easy to open/close tab and will work with both the Cameo and Portrait!
1.  Cut out the pieces to the Sliding Money Holder Box in your desired papers.
2.  Fold on all the score lines.
3.  Starting with the box, place adhesive on the small tabs and adhere them to the slotted side piece then add adhesive to the bottom and side tab as shown.
4.  Fold the box over to form and press firmly to secure the adhesive along the side and bottom areas.
5.  Next grab your sliding piece and place adhesive on the small tabs.  Adhere the tabs to the bottom flap to create a tray.
6.  Insert your money into the tray.
7.  Slide your tray into your box.
8.  Push the tray all the way down and fold the tab into the slot to close.
9.  Decorate as desired!



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