Sunday, June 09, 2013

Brownie Box!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!  
This coming week in my Silhouette store you will find my Brownie Box digital cutting file.  This box is designed to work with two 12x12 papers and will hold a standard brownie, muffin, or cake box along with a spatula or whisk!  

1.  Open the Brownie Box cut file and position the cut on the mat so one area displays at a time (only the part on the white of the mat will cut).  Cut the first side and then reposition the file and cut the second side.  Your cuts should look like this now.
2.  Fold on all the score marks.
3.  Apply a strong adhesive or adhesive tape to the bottom side of one of the cuts.
4.  It should look similar to this photo.
5.  Remove the adhesive from the side tabs, leaving the long strips in place.
6.  Fold the side tabs in and press firmly to secure the adhesive.
7.  Remove the long adhesive strips and bring in your second cut.
8.  Lay your second piece down so the good side is on your table and the folds face up to you as shown.  Place your first cut (with the adhesive) in and line up the edges.
9.  Bring up the bottom scored area and firmly press the adhesive down along the bottom area of the box.  Stand the one side of the box up as shown then place adhesive on the side tabs of the second cut.
10. Adhere the side tabs to the box form and then place adhesive on the areas shown in the photo.
11. Adhere the sides together.
12. Place adhesive on the remaining flap as shown.
13. Press firmly to secure the flap and your box should now look like this.
14. Here is another view of the box.
15. Place your box mix into the large slot and add your whisk or spatula on the side then decorate as desired!

Here are more files that will be released this week!
Be sure to check back throughout the week for tutorials with the new files!

Here are more ideas using the Brownie Box:



L.B. said...

a very fun gift idea.

Allie Gower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen Arkfeld said...

I purchased this via Silhouette before I realized that it's for 12x12 - which mine doesn't cut. Is there a way to adapt this? Can I cut the edges in a seperate piece?

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

It would be hard to to cut for the portrait with this file., I think you would have to build your own side pieces. I will see if I can figure something out or create a 8x12 file.

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