A Little Firecracker!

I just adore this project and had so much fun creating it!  Allow me to introduce to you my 3D firecracker!  This would make a great party center piece for the picnic table or even fun as home decor!  You can find this Firecracker Box in my Silhouette store this week!

Here is the tutorial:

1.  Cut out the pieces with the colors of paper you desire.
2.  With the large piece run it along the edge of your desk edge to give it a curve then bend the tabs on the score marks.
3.  Place adhesive on the tabs and along the slanted edge piece.
4.  Bring the slanted edge piece around then adhere so one tab is overlapping on each end.
5.  Fold the tab pieces in and the adhere the solid circle to one end.  This will be the bottom.
6.  Flip the box over and fold the remaining tabs in then apply the circle with the center hole.  This is our top.
7.  Place adhesive on the back of the smaller strip of paper.
8.  Adhere it to the wider strip, lining up the top edges as shown.
9.  With the two adhered together, run them along the edge of your desk to give them a curve.
10. Place adhesive on the slanted edge piece and begin rolling loosely.
11. Apply adhesive to the end of the roll to hold in place and then bend out the pieces as shown.
12. Place the topped into the hole of your box lid.
13. Layer the USA Banner pieces (shown in this tutorial: USA Card!) and adhere them to the front!

 The USA pieces even look great on a card!

You can find this Silhouette file in my Silhouette store by clicking HERE!



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