Thursday, March 07, 2013

New Marker Box!

I am super excited with my latest digital die cutting creation!
Allow me to introduce to you my new Marker Box!

This Marker Box holds 16 markers!  You can use it as a gift or cut multiples and glue the sides together for your own storage!  The box has two layers for the storage grid to hold the markers securely.

Cardstock: DCWV Stack


1.  The digital die cut has been spaced out for two different cuts; the main box and the grids with the front mat.  The spacing allows you to place the main box on the active cutting area and once that cut is complete, simply drag the grid/mat pieces over to the active mat area (the main box will be off to the left and will not cut).  Once you have all the pieces cut, fold on all the score lines.

2.  Adhere the mat piece to the center of the main box leaving a slight edge as shown.

3.  Place adhesive tape on the inside of the bottom tabs.

4.  Pull the bottom piece up and adhere the tabs on the outside of the main area of the box as shown.

5.  Place the small tabbed grid in the bottom of the box.

6.  Place the large tabbed grid over the small grid pushing the large tabs down to the bottom of the box.

7.  Your grids and box should look like this now.

8.  Place adhesive tape along the white area below the mat and along both sides of the box as shown.

9.  Remove the adhesive backing on the tape and then fold the two long sides in.

10. Your box should look like this when complete.


Lee Brehon said...

this is adorable, nice tutorial

Diana Fisher said...

I love this!! Great idea and cute, too!

Tammy Malone said...

Jamie - this is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this design. I have a portrait, so I needed to scale it down a bit- but even at a slightly smaller size, it works perfectly for all of my gel pens. (It's so nice having them all accessible and organized!)

I just wanted to let you know that I adore all of your designs - I own at least a dozen and have that many more on my wish list. :)

The tutorials are very, very helpful.

So, PLEASE, do not stop doing what you're doing. :)

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