Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ornament Boxes!

Good afternoon!  Jamie with you today to share a quick tutorial for the Samantha's Ornament Box!

 1.  Cut out the Scalloped Ornament Box and fold on all the score marks.
 2.  Place a strong adhesive tape along the left edge.  
      Optional: Cut a large scallop to fit outside the window and adhere.  This piece is not 
       included in the file.
 3.  Fold the box over and adhere the left edge, pressing firmly.
 4.  Form the bottom of the box, fold the large piece in as shown.
 5.  Fold in one of the side pieces and tuck under the large piece.
 6.  Fold the second side piece in and tuck under as you did above.
 7.  Tuck the final flap down into the larger piece.
 8.  This step is optional.  I placed adhesive on the sides of the ornament 
      base to hold it in place.    
 9.  Place the ornament base in the bottom of the box as shown.
10. Gather your ornament.
11. Place the ornament inside the box.
12. Insert the second holder inside the box, placing the ornament tip in the 
     cut out to hold securely.
13. Fold the two side flaps in and tuck the top flap into the box as shown.
14. Cut the 3D Flower in a coordinating cardstock.
15. Place a foam adhesive in the center of the largest flower.
16. Adhere the next largest flower in the center and then place foam adhesive 
     in the center of that flower.  
17-19. Repeat step #16 until all flower pieces are adhered.
20. Tie a bow on the box and adhere flower as shown.

You can find this Ornament Box and others by clicking on the images below:

Silhouette Store:


SVG files at


Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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