Samantha Walker August Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Samantha Walker August Creative Team Blog Hop! 
This month our Blog Hop theme is all about Back to School!

Samantha is giving away this free SVG and Silhouette Studio file this month!

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(August 17, 2014).  After that, you can find the design in the Silhouette store.
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This month we are excited to give away your choice of one of the 
NEW PixScan cutting mats from Silhouette!

You can find more information about the PixScan on Samantha's blog HERE.

Today is also One Buck Wednesday at Snap, Click, Supply Co.!  
You can find the More Paris Girl Mega Kit for $1.00 

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Today I am using Samantha's 2 Piece Easy School Bus cut to make a card!

To begin, select the 2 Piece Easy School Bus and place it on your mat.

Ungroup the bus and move the window cut piece out to the side of your mat.  Copy the solid bus so you now have two.

Select the top bus and select Object, Transform, and Flip Vertically.

Next align the buses from Object, Align, Align Center.  Move the top bus down so it barely overlap the bottom bus.  I use my arrow keys so that it stays aligned.

Select both bus pieces then go to Object, Modify, and select Weld.

This will make the bus one cut!  Bring in the window cut bus again and select both pieces then size to fit your needs.  I sized mine to be 6.5" wide.  Cut out your pieces.

Bring in the solid bus again and size it to match your current bus.

Select the bus then right click (or CTRL-click) and select Release Compound Path.  This will make the inside wheel areas available to edit.

Select both circle pieces and delete.

Next, highlight the bus and click on the Offset Window icon then select the internal offset option.  Create an internal offset.  This will be the inside mat for the card.  Once you have the size you want, click apply then delete the outer/larger bus piece.  Cut this piece (mine is in white for the inside card message).

I decided that I wanted to include the teacher's name on the bus so I used Samantha's SW Par-tay Thyme font and typed the teacher's name.  I used the weld option again and then sized it to fit on the bus.  I place the bus cut back on my mat (it'd be easier to do this right after cutting the piece rather than later like I did!).  I lined it all up then removed the bus cut and inserted a Silhouette Pen to draw the font on the cut.

I used the pen (removed from my Cameo) to fill in the name.

Now you just need to assemble the card and place it on your basket!

Your next stop on the hop is Guiseppa Gubler!



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