4x6 Photo Storage and Display Box

This is my new 4" x 6" photo storage and display box and it is quickly becoming my favorite of the week!  This box holds LOTS of photos and I love that I can use this box to display photos (horizontal and vertical) while using it for storage!  This file comes with a base box, a lid, and an acetate cut for the window of the lid.  The cuts are compatible with both the 12x12 and 8-1/2x12 mats.
1.  Cut out the pieces in your desired papers.
2.  For the bottom of the box, fold on all the score lines then add adhesive to the side tabs.
3.  Adhere the tabs to the sides of the box.
4.  For the lid, place a small adhesive tape around the window edge as shown.
5.  Adhere the acetate window in place.
6.  Turn the lid over and place adhesive on the four tabs.
7.  Adhere the tabs to the box sides.
8.  Place your lid on your box bottom.
9.  Insert your 4x6 photos.
10. This image just shows how many photos I have inside my box :)
11-12.  Additional images.  You can display horizontal or vertical photos.



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