3D Birthday Candles!

This file is so much fun!  This is my new 3D Birthday Candle and you can create as many as you need to customize your gift or centerpiece! Each candle measures approximately 5" x 2-1/8" (with the candle lid they are about 7-1/2" tall) and the file is compatible with both the 12x12 and 8-1/2x12 mats.  The candles can be used to hold party favors and double as your center piece building a candle cake, or you could use these to create a gift (wouldn't it be fun to have a large number all grouped together?), or they would even be perfect for school treats for birthday parties!

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all the pieces and fold on the score lines provided.
2.  Starting with the large piece (candle base), add a strong adhesive to the tab area as shown.
3.  Bring the sides together to form a cylinder shape.
4.  Add adhesive around the edges of one of the smaller circle shapes.
5.  Make sure the small tab pieces are sitting on your table then push your circle piece in (adhesive side down).  Use a pen to rub along the edges to adhere the tabs to the circle piece.
6.  Flip your candle over and it should look like this.
7.  Add a strong adhesive all over your second small circle and then adhere it to the bottom to cover the small tab pieces.
8-11.  Do the same steps as above for the lid piece.
12.  Do not adhere your covering circle on yet, make sure you do not add adhesive over the small slit area (circled in the photo) and you will need to add your candle in...

13.  To build the candle, Adhere the flame piece on to the corresponding candle.
14.  Place a foam square on the back of one of the candle pieces
15.  Then adhere them together so you have a flame on each side.
16.  Insert the candle in to the slit of the covering circle.
17.  Push the tabs out so they are flat underneath as shown.
18.  Now adhere your covering circle to the lid piece.
19.  Your candle should look like this.
20-21.  I cut five candles for a 5 year-old birthday party then tied a ribbon around them to hold them together.  Then just add in your gifts to each candle and you are all set!



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