Gift Card Gift Boxes!

I love these little Gift Card Gift Boxes!  They are so practical, I know we will get a lot of use out of them!  There are three in my Silhouette Store this week, each a little different.  These little boxes are perfect for holding gift cards and they each have a hidden tab/slot closure!

Each of these follow the same steps for the tutorial and they go together very quickly making them perfect for those last minute gifts :)
1. Cut out all the pieces in your desired papers.  Fold on the provided score lines.
2. Adhere the decorative paper to the main box.
3. Place adhesive on the two side tabs.
4. Adhere the side tabs to the box.
5. Push the tab into the slot to close.
6. Add on your pieces to hide your closure.
7. This is what the finished banner box looks like!

You can find these files in my Silhouette Store.  Just click on the images below to get yours!



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