Layered Flower 5!

I really love flowers (have you noticed?)...they are so versatile 
and so much fun to put together!  This one goes together very quickly, which I also love!

This is Layered Flower 5 and you can find it in my Silhouette Store this week!
The cut comes with 14 pieces (1 large base, 4 large petal pieces, 4 medium petal pieces, 4 small petal pieces, and 1 center piece). This file works with both the Cameo and Portrait but the file will need to be scaled down to fit the 8-1/2" x 11" mat.


 1.  Cut out all the pieces of the Layered Flower 5 file and keep the petal piece sizes together (3 sets of 4).
 2.  Starting with the large petal pieces, fold each in half on the provided score mark.
 3.  Then fold each piece in half again using the provided score mark.
 4.  Your pieces should look like this image now.
 5-8. Grab your large base piece and then place adhesive on the back of one of the large petal pieces.  Make sure the openings are open to the outside and adhere it to the base as shown.  Continue adhering the large petal pieces as shown in the photos.
 9.  Fold the medium petal pieces as you did the large ones.
10. Adhere the medium petals on top of the large petals.
11. Fold the small petal pieces.
12. Adhere the small petal pieces to the center of the medium petals.
13. Place a foam adhesive on the back of the center piece.
14. Adhere the center piece in the middle of the flower.
15. Pinch the sides of the flower petal pieces to 'fluff' them up!



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