A Valentine Box! Football Field

Happy Valentine's Day to you!
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As many of you will remember from previous years, my kids always have a Valentine Box competition at school and things get pretty crazy with everyone trying to out-do the other!  It is fun and it is exciting to see what the kids think up and what the families pull together as a team.
(You can find Gannon's gumball box from last year here)

This year Gannon wanted a Football Field...and not just the field, the stands, the players, the whole enchilada!  It is his last year for this competition as he will be moving on to middle school...so he really wanted to go out with a bang.  However, his plans were a bit to big for the amount of time and space we would have to complete the box...so we had to make some cuts and compromise (a lot)!

He knew he wanted to have his friends be able to "flick" their Valentines through a field goal, so we ran with that and came up with this...

Now, you can tell by the photos that this box is rather large...that is a full sized ottoman that this thing is sitting on!  Can you imagine how big a full stadium would have been in order to get the "flicking" of a Valentine!?

Okay...so on to the details.
We recycled a shipping box, cutting off the opened end, but left a small tab from the lid piece.  The small tab we left is adhered to a wood block that has a hole drilled into it to secure the field goal post.

We covered the box with a brown grocery bag and then added two pieces of 8-1/2" x 11" dark green felt.  I covered the seam of the pieces with the yard lines.  We used a second box to create the back box area and placed a piece of felt inside to continue the field look.  This will be where the Valentines go once they are through the field goal.

For the net, we bought a laundry bag from the Dollar Store.  We cut pieces of wood down and then spray painted them white and stapled the netting on the upper areas of the wood sticks.  To secure the wood pieces, we used chipboard cut down and folded around the corner areas. Only the flat sides of the chipboard are adhered to the box so that the entire netted piece and the four wood sticks can be removed so that once the box has Valentines in it, Gannon can remove the net and close the box to travel back home with it.
(He is a bus rider, so we had to make it able to travel!)
The orange pylons are also wood pieces that were cut down.  We hand colored these with a Copic Marker and adhered them to the felt with adhesive.

I cut the field lines, numbers, and the Gannon Stadium with cardstock using my Silhouette and then used SRM stickers to place on each side of the stadium.  To create the sticker football I placed two of the SRM football stickers on cardstock then cut around them, creating two separate footballs.  I then colored a toothpick with a Copic Marker to match the football color and used foam adhesive to place the toothpick between the two football stickers.  We punched a small hole in the felt to place the toothpick through.

The football design on the end of the box is a Silhouette cut I purchased through the Silhouette store.

Here are some more views:

Now, fingers crossed that he is selected as one of the winners! 

Do your kids have Valentine box competitions?  

I know we are going to miss them as well as seeing all the wonderful creations from the classroom!



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