Salt Shakers and Buttons?

I am often amazed by the products at our dollar store!  I found a package of two glass salt/pepper shakers for a dollar!  Yes, it is those little moments like that which make me so excited. :)  So, you have shakers...and lots of buttons...what else do you do!?
I love this project.  It is just one of those that make me smile every time I look at it.  I think it is cute and would make a wonderful little gift (that we can all afford!)!  I have the steps below!

Step 1 - Find buttons and wire (you need floral tape too!).
Layer a button or two, bend the wire in half and then press the wire down through the button holes.
Step 2 - Twist the wire tightly on the back side of the button
Step 3 - Wrap the wire with Floral Tape (which my dollar store carries as well)!  I wrap the top section (close to the button) several times to make it thicker then tightly wrap the remaining wire, just putting one layer around.  If you get it thick in the stem area you will not be able to get it through the holes of the shakers.
Step 4 - Trim to length
Step 5 - Place the button flowers through the holes of the shaker and arrange them!
Isn't it fun!?

Salt/Pepper Shaker - Dollar Store
Floral Tape - Dollar Store
Buttons: Pastel (The Paper Studio)
Wire - 24 Gauge (Darice)
I would love to see yours!  Be sure to link me up if you create one!



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