Creating Pop Out Objects!

I am Guest Designing at Tally Scrapper this month!  Have you been over to Tally Scrapper yet?  Such great projects, kits, blog, and community!  Come over and take a look!  You can click HERE to go to their blog!
I love putting pop outs on (and inside) cards and today I am going to show you how you can turn any die cut into a pop out object!  You will need two objects; the item you want to pop out and one additional.  The additional item can be the card base, a mat, or even another object.  I am using two cuts (bat and tombstone) from the Happy Haunting Cricut cartridge which are shown in Step 1.
2. Trace the object that you want to pop out on the back side of your additional item.

3. Once you have the item traced, find a connecting spot on each side of the item and scribble out or erase your trace marks. These areas will be how the object is connected and they will not be cut out. Using a craft knife carefully cut on the trace lines, leaving the two connecting areas in tact.

4. After completing your cutting, pop the image out to the front, curving up the middle of the object a bit. Now you are ready to add the pop out object to your project!
You can download the Cricut Design Studio File through this link:

Such a fast and fun way to bring that little extra something to our everyday projects!



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