Printing Word Art Where You Want It!

Do you ever have a hard time printing sentiments and word art where you want them on your cardstock/projects?  Well, today I am going to show you just how easy it is to get the print right where you want it!  I use Microsoft Word, but you could even do this in paint. To begin, you will need to learn how your printer prints on the paper.  Take a piece of computer paper and place it in your printer tray.  Mark the bottom left corner of the paper with "L-UP" so that you will know that this was the left corner facing up when it was in the tray.  Next, print the sentiment you want on your paper.
After you have your sentiment printed, place your cardstock over it on the computer paper where you want it to appear and put a small piece of tape to hold it.  Helpful hint:  Put the piece of tape on your clothing first to make it a little less sticky, it is much easier to get off your paper without ripping it this way!  I also hold it up to the light to get the right spot if I am working with dark paper.
Once you have the cardstock secured, place your paper back in your printer.  Now to make sure it prints properly, make sure you have the L-UP facing up in the left corner!  Once you have that set, you are good to print!
Carefully remove the piece of tape and you will have your printed sentiment to add to your card!

Click on the sentiments below to download:



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