Chore Sticks!

We have had chore charts for some time and they have worked wonderfully, however I was manually writing out chores in different colors each calendar month and it was very time consuming so you can imagine my excitement when I ran across this post from Crafty Mummy!  I immediately began typing out our chores to create our own! 

I already had Jumbo Craft Sticks that I had purchased some time ago and I created a Word document using font Pea Bandit at 36 point and spaced at 36 pt between the chores.  You can download my Word document HERE if you want to use it for a template. 
Once I had my chores typed up, I cut two of each color cardstock to 8.5" x 11" to fit in my printer and then printed out the chores.  I cut the chores into strips of 4.5" x a little less than 3/4".  Once I had all the pieces cut I used a 1/2" corner rounder punch on one end of the cardstock (at the end of the writing).  I used 1/2" Sticky Tape to adhere the cardstock to the popsicle sticks then sprayed Bronze Ritzy Ditzy Glitz on each.   

We have coins that amount to different rewards, so I wanted to mark each chore with the corresponding coin color.  To add the colors I used 1/4" Sticky Tape on each stick and added P K Glitter Glitz in the three colors; Orchid, Sea Mist, and Honey.
This is how our chores work:
The sticks will be placed in the jar so that colors are up.  Once the chore is completed the stick will be flipped over so that the popsicle end will show, which will allow me to easily identify which ones are complete.  Our purple coins are our "easy" chores and they are turned in for family time, each one is 10 minutes.  This allows the kids to pick a special game for all of us to play, go on a walk/bike ride, basically any family oriented activity of their choice.  The green coins are a little more detailed chore so they are worth more.  For 5 coins, the kids get to pick out one Red Box Rental on the weekend or 8 coins they get to make a dessert of their choice.  The gold coins are the toughest of our chores, for 3 coins they get to help make a dinner and for 5 coins they can have a friend stay the evening or a trip to the book store! Each evening I put coins they earned in their jars and turn the sticks back over.  The coins expire each week, we start over each Sunday morning.  We try to change up the rewards from time to time and occasionally we will get a bargainer that will strike up a deal! 

Glitter: Glitz in Orchid, Sea Mist, and Honey (P K Glitz)
Glitter Spray: Ritzy Ditzy Glitz in Bronze(P K Glitz)

Sticky Tape: 1/2" and 1/4" (P K Glitz)

Scrapbook Paper: Textured Cardstock (Momenta)

Font: Pea Bandit, 36 pt.

Popsicle Sticks: Jumbo Craft Sticks (Tree House Studios)

Punch: 1/2" Corner Rounder (Zutter)



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