Interactive Holiday Cards

Hello from snowy Michigan.  I know, it's's December, it's suppose to be snowy...BUT I don't think I am quite ready for it (as if that counts!)!  We are just digging out from about a 10" snow fall from last night which means we got a snow day out of it.  Sooo, while the kids are hanging with friends and watching a day of Netflix, I am shoveling, snowblowing, and working.  

Have you gotten snow where you are?  

Today I am sharing interactive Holiday cards!
NOW...we all know I don't do videos, but these are just so much more fun in person so I gave it a go once I had it all assembled...

This is the Reindeer Interactive Card.  With this one, the antlers move up and down...kind of like a peek-a-boo.  Simply pull the tongue to uncover the eyes.
 Here is the assembly tutorial:
1.  Cut out all your pieces.  Fold the card in half and then fold the remaining pieces on the score lines.  Adhere the long tongue piece to the antlers and adhere the body semi-circle to the bottom of the front cover piece.  Adhere the nose layers, centering.
2.  Place the antlers/tongue piece through the slot as shown.
3.  On the backside of the head, place adhesive as shown by the white tape.
4.  Adhere the head on to the front cover piece, lining up the top tab.
5.  Adhere the eyes and nose on.  I use foam adhesive for the nose.
6.  Flip the front cover piece over and place adhesive along the two folded sides.
7.  Adhere to the front of the card, centering.
8.  Adhere the head tab to the inside of the card front.
9.  Your card is now ready!  Fold the antlers down...
10.  Pull the tongue and the antlers should go up!

The Santa assembly is similar.  The hat moves up and down to hide the eyes (and from side to side too!).
1.  The white long piece goes through the slot like the tongue from above and the head adheres just the top and sides.  For this one, I adhered the tab of the head piece to the inside of the cover piece.
2.  Push the long white (suit piece) even with the bottom of the card then adhere the hat at just the TOP piece of the white (about 1/2" strip of adhesive at the top piece so the hat can slide around).
3.  When you pull the white suit piece down, the eyes will cover by the hat.
4.  Flip it over and place adhesive on the two side folds.
5.  Adhere to the front of the card, centering.

Find these file on my Silhouette store and in SVG version at!



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