Thursday, December 01, 2016

Holiday Tri-Shutter Cards

This Tri-Shutter card is approximately 3-3/4" x 6" and comes with the card base with score lines and the mats and paper embellishments shown. 

Here is the tutorial:
1. Cut out the card base and mats.  Adhere mats in place, centering in each area.
2. Fold the card base as shown.
3. Assemble the character on the circle scallop pieces.
4. Adhere the character set to the front of the card using foam adhesive.  Embellish as desired!

This swing card is approximately 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" and comes with the card base with score lines and the mats and paper embellishments shown. 

Snowflake Swing Card:
Tree and Gift Swing Card:

Stocking Swing Card:

This window lever card is approximately 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" and comes with the card base with score lines, the inside card pieces, the mats and paper embellishments shown. 

Snowman Window Lever Card Front:

Snowman Window Lever Card Open:
Window Lever Cards Tutorial:
1.  Cut out all your card pieces.  There will be two centers from the frame cuts.  You will not need the "frame" inside (red polka dots in photo above)...however, you need to keep the inside of the card base piece (the kraft color square shown above).

2.  Adhere mats in place.  The frame mat goes on the main card base then adhere the three panels on the inside card piece.  Fold the card base in half (as a normal card would) then accordion fold the inside card piece as shown in image.
3. Flip the inside card piece over and place adhesive only on the panel as shown.
4. Open the main card base then adhere the inside card piece to the inside of the card, centering well with a small frame around it as shown.
5. Fold the accordion pieces and press them down. Place adhesive on the two tabs as shown.
6.  Adhere the tabs to the back of the front of the card (back of the window).  They will adhere close to the center of the card where it folds and behind each frame piece.
7.  Now when you open the card, you should see something like this.
8.  Fold the accordion pieces and press them down again. Then close the card front.  Now place adhesive on the piece that shows through the window.
9.  Adhere the mat to the inside square piece that we kept from the main card cut.  Adhere this inside the window.  Make certain you have the card closed when adhering so it centers perfectly in the card window.
10. Now your card looks like this.
11. This image shows the card more open.
12. Next you will build the snowman.  Cut out all the pieces.
13. Layer the scarf, hat, and adhere the black behind the face piece. Then adhere the nose in place.  Place foam adhesive on the head and middle belly area as show.
14. Adhere the pieces in place, (I put the arms in between the two layers of the middle belly) your snowman should look similar to this now.
15. Place foam adhesive on the back of your snowman.
16. Adhere your snowman to the front of your card.
17-18. Images of what the card looks like now!

Holly Window Lever Card:

Chevron Tree Window Lever Card:

Hanukkah Window Lever Card:

Santa Bag Window Lever Card:

Jingle All the Way Window Lever Card:

Chevron Heart Window Lever Card:

XO Heart Window Lever Card:

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