Tuesday, November 24, 2015

3D Layered Snowflakes

 This ornament comes sized to fit both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats but can be made larger or smaller to fit your needs. You can use the pieces together or separately to make different sizes of ornaments! These would even be cute to hang on gift bags and wrapped packages! 

1.  Cut out all your pieces. For each arm, you will need 3 additional arm pieces.  Fold the arm pieces in half and place adhesive on their back.  Adhere one side of one arm down to match the rounds on one half of the arm so that you have the other half sticking up.  
2.  Grab your second arm and adhere it down to the opposite side so now you have two arms sticking up as shown in the image.
3.  The third arm will lay on top of the other two as shown.
4.  Repeat the above steps until you have all 8 arms completed.
5.  Next grab your rectangle piece and accordion fold.  Join the two ends together with a strong adhesive (such as hot glue) to form a circle.  Press down in the circle to fan it out.  Adhere to the smaller circle, again using a strong adhesive.
6.  Adhere the accordion piece in the center of the snowflake using foam adhesive.
7.  Adhere the large snowflake in the center, again using foam adhesive.
8.  Next adhere the final small snowflake in the center!

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Lisa said...

Thank you for creating these way cute snowflakes, I finally got around to making them! I blogged about this as they turned out way cuter than I thought! Visit my post at


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