Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Football and Cheer Planner Stickers

These football and cheer themed planner stickers are print-ready on a letter sized document! You can re-size them to your planning needs. Includes 45 stickers. Includes: Game Day with three designs (helmet, megaphone, and football), Practice, Treats, Carpool, Volunteer, Homecoming, and Senior Night.  

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Open the file in your Silhouette Software.  Click on the Design Page Settings icon.

2.  Set the page to 8.5" x 11" if it did not import in as such.

 3.  Click on the Registrations Mark icon and use the drop down box to turn the marks on for your machine.

 4.  Select all items and group them together.  This will allow you to move the file as a whole.  Slide the file so that it is not interrupting the registration marks.

5.  Print the page on your printer and then load the sticker sheet (or cardstock) on your mat to mimic the virtual mat.  Press start and your machine will detect the registration marks and cut!

Simply add your stickers to your planner!

You can find this file in my stores soon!


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Luke Forsyth said...

For me having a planning notebook is very important especially for a busy person like me.

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