Thursday, August 13, 2015

Organizer Stand with Three Shelves

This Organizer comes with the two side boxes, the center organizer that contains three compartments, and the organizer base that holds the three boxes neatly together. The file includes both the 12x12 one piece files as well as the 8x12 two piece files for use with the Portrait. The boxes are approximately 8" x 1-3/4" x 3-3/4" and the center box has bottom storage of 2-1/2" tall.

I am storing Distress Markers, large scissors, and tools on the left side, Paper straws on the right, and then I have small ribbons in my bottom shelf, Cat's Eye Inks in the middle shelf, and Glitter Glue's in the top shelf area.

For the paper, I used Pebbles from Me to You collection which is a double-sided card stock and a Yellow Card stock in 80# weight.  Make sure you use a strong adhesive to hold the top shelves in place, I am using the Scotch Quick-Dry adhesive with mine and it is holding really well.

1.  Cut out the shelf box and fold on the score lines as shown.  Place adhesive on the side tab and the shelf flaps.  NOTE:  If you are using the portrait, follow the instructions within the file to adhere the pieces together.  It will look like this image once in place.
2.  Adhere the shelf flaps to the sides of the box so it is level.
3.  Adhere the side tab in place to close the box. Place adhesive on the bottom box tabs.  Push the two side tabs in and the adhere the box shut with the bottom tab. Your shelf box will look like this.  
4.  Cut out the shelf mats.  Place Adhesive on the large backside of the scored pieces.
5.  Slide the piece under the shelf.  The large side adheres to the shelf box back and the smaller end adheres under the shelf to provide more support.  The short one goes on the top shelf.
6.  Place adhesive on the top part of the short scored area and adhere under the shelf.
7.  It should look like this now.  Repeat for the other two shelves.
8.  It should look like this image.
9.  Adhere in the rectangle mats to the two top shelves to cover your card stock.

10.  Cut out two of your side boxes and fold on the score lines. NOTE:  If you are using the portrait, follow the instructions within the file to adhere the pieces together.  It will look like this image once in place.
11.  Place adhesive on the side tab and bottom tabs and close the box as you did the shelf box.
12.  You should have all three pieces once you have them assembled.
13.  Turn your shelf box on the side and cover with a strong adhesive.  
14.  Adhere your boxes together so they are level on the bottom and back.  Cover the remaining side of the shelf box in adhesive. Adhere the last side box in place.
15.  Cut out your organizer base and fold on the score lines.
16.  Adhere the side tabs to the inside of the box to form its shape.  Place adhesive along the inside of the two edges and along the bottom. 
17.  Insert your boxes into the base box and embellish and fill as desired!


Cavell66 said...

I love the idea but I must be missing the part that explains how to cut and where to score the paper.

Jamie Cripps said...

This is a digital cut file so it has the cuts and scores built in. Hope that helps!

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