Friday, March 06, 2015

Rose Bud Flower Pot

This file comes with the rose pieces which include the flower, stem, and leaf cuts, and the planter pot to hold them all! The planter pot is approximately 3-1/2" as it comes and the file is compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats. 

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out your flower pieces.  I have six flowers in my pot. Use a skewer/pencil to curl the flower petals and leaf pieces as shown.  The green square shown will be the flower stem.
2.  Place adhesive on the five petal flower cut in two places as shown with the arrows.
3.  Push in the three petals without the adhesive then pull up the two pieces with adhesive and adhere them to the others.
4.  Adhere the flower to the center of the four petal cut.
5.  Place adhesive on all four petals in the center of each petal.
6.  Pull up the petals one by one, adhering them in place and pulling back the flower petals a bit as you adhere them.
7.  For the stem, grab your square.  Place adhesive in the corner with the arrow.  Then place your skewer/pencil at the opposite end.  Roll toward the adhesive corner.
8.  Remove your skewer and secure the end.  I am using Scotch Quick Dry adhesive which holds really well.
9.  Trim one end of the stem so it is flat and the other end, cut slices so you will have three parts as shown.
10. Place adhesive on the three stem pieces (I am using ultra-thin glue dots) and adhere those to the bottom of your flower.
11.  Next grab your leaf piece.  Place adhesive all over the circle area (again, I am using the Scotch adhesive).  
12.  Wrap the circle around the stem closure area.  Place a clip around the leaf piece or hold until the glue sets.
13.  Finally we will build the pot!  Cut out your pot pieces and fold on the score lines, the long edge folds back and those tabs push up.
14.  Adhere the tab on the pot to the other side and hold until your adhesive sets.  Grab your pot bottom and place adhesive on the tabs.
15.  Push the pot over the bottom and adhere the tabs against the pot sides.  Once dry, place your flowers in!

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