Sunday, November 30, 2014

Layered Package Bow

This bows comes with all the pieces shown and is compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats. You can also size the bow to fit your needs! These would be so cute on top of gifts or even to go on Holiday Tags!

Here's the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all your pieces.  
2.  Adhere your smaller layer on top of your larger for all three sets as shown.
3.  Adhere the tabs to the center (backside) of the bow to form the loops.  Do this for all six bow pieces.  Note: Use a strong adhesive like/similar to Hot Glue or Zip Dry to keep the loops together.
4.  Adhere the coordinating loops together as shown.
5.  Begin with the largest bow and place a foam square in the center.  Adhere the medium bow set in place, staggering the loops.
6.  Adhere a foam square in the center of the medium bow and adhere the small bow set in place.  Adhere the center layer on the larger layer.
7.  Bend the center piece around a pencil/pen and adhere to itself to form a loop.  Adhere the loop in the center of the bow.
8.  Adhere the bow ends in place on the bottom of the bow. 


Marilyn said...

Beautiful bow, I've purchased several others you've designed. I think this will have to be added to my shopping cart!

Nancy Carroll said...

Cool, I just got this, love the tutorial

Sharon Lewis said...

What do you mean by a foam square. How large should the square be cut?
Beginner paper crafter, can you tell. I just cut out the pieces to your 3d bow and am now ready to put it together.

Jamie Cripps said...

They sell foam square adhesives, not really sure what size. They come in packs at Joanns or michaels.

Sharon Lewis said...

3d Bow Question #2
Is Hot Glue the same think as a hot glue gun, or is there a glue that is called 'hot glue'
Thanks again for your help.

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