Friday, September 05, 2014

Halloween Sucker Holders!

These would be perfect treats for the kids, used as classroom favors, or even as place card markers for the Holiday table!  The inside box holds a standard sucker, such as a blow pop.  The holding box is approximately 2” x 1” x 1”.  The files are sizable so you can make them larger or smaller to fit your needs. 

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out your 8 leg pieces and the box.
2.  Bend each leg in half.  Place adhesive on the entire back of two of the legs.
3.  Adhere the legs together - grab one of the adhesive legs and then adhere half of the leg to it.
4.  Grab another leg and adhere half of it on.
5.  Finally grab the second adhesive leg and adhere it in place.  Your legs should look like this.
6.  Repeat the steps for the other four legs.
7.  Next, fold the box on the score lines and place adhesive on the long tab and bottom box flap.
8.  Adhere the box sides together.
9.  Adhere the bottom of the box in place.
10. Grab one of your leg sets and place adhesive along the top curve.
11. Adhere the box and leg set together as shown.  The box and legs should all touch your desk evenly.
12. Adhere the second set of legs on the box.
13. Adhere the face pieces on the one of the circles.
14. Adhere the back circle on.
15. Adhere the spider face on the front as shown.  Cut down your sucker stem and place it in the box!  

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