Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halloween Countdown!

This Halloween Countdown includes pumpkin petal boxes that can be filled with small candies or treats and pocket envelopes that have coordinating tags to write notes or surprises on (like free movie rentals, dessert of choice, etc.).  The cut file also includes numbers from 1-31 along with tab cuts for the pocket envelopes to place the numbers on!  The files are all compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats.

The frame used is the Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar

You will also need:
Jute or Twine - About 10" per pumpkin box
Cardstock -  I used a dark orange for 7 pumpkins, lighter orange on 4 pumpkins, green for stems, black for numbers, purple for tabs, white for tags, patterned paper for 4 pumpkins, and two different patterned papers for envelopes (8 in each pattern).

Here's the tutorial:

1.  Cut out 15 of the pumpkin petal boxes and stems and fold on the score lines.  Adhere the stems in place as shown

2.  Bring up the two main sides of the pumpkin petal box, line up the stems and then push down on the pieces as shown.

3.  Bring up one of the slotted sides and push it over the stem handle piece.

4.  Fill your box with your goodies then repeat for the other slotted side.

5.  Tie your jute or twine around the stem.  Repeat the above steps until all 15 pumpkin petal boxes are completed.

6.  Next cut out 16 tags, 16 envelopes, and 16 tabs.  Fold the envelopes on the score lines.

7.  Place adhesive on the side tab of the envelope and bring the other side over and adhere in place.

8.  Place adhesive along the bottom flap of the envelop and adhere it up in place.  Gather your tag.

9.  Write your note or surprise on the tag and insert it into the envelope.

10.  Place your tab along the right side of the envelope, tucking the bottom of the tab just under the bottom of the pinked edge of the envelope as shown.  Your number will adhere on the tab.

11.  Line up all your pumpkin petal boxes and envelopes in order as to how you would want them displayed.  Adhere the numbers on as shown.

12.  Clip your pieces on the advent calendar frame using the supplied clips.

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Such a great idea. I love the fact that everyone looking at the Advent Calendar would think about Christmas only ... thank you reminding us to use this for other holidays as well!

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