Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Watermelon Invitations

Good Morning!  Jamie back with you today to share a fun Summer card!  I am using this shaped watermelon card for party invitations, but you could use it for any occasion!
I have created this file as a Silhouette cut, put you could cut this card manually as well by cutting a 6-1/4" circle then using a scallop punch to cut out the bite!

Here is my tutorial: 
1.  Cut out the main card cut using the Olive Basis Cardstock.  Fold the card in half and ink around the edges.
2.  Next cut out the larger mat in Natural Basis Cardstock and the smaller in Red Basis Cardstock.  Ink around the edges of the red cut.
3.  Adhere the larger mat in place, lining up the scallops.
4.  Adhere the smaller red mat in place, lining up the scallops again.
5.  Cut out your seed pieces in Black Basis Cardstock and adhere them to the front of the card randomly.
6.  Tie a Black Satin Ribbon around the card and finish with twine!

Super easy and it is so much fun!

Here is a list of the supplies:


Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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