Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rectangle Tissue Boxes

These boxes cover rectangle tissue boxes such as Puffs or Kleenex.  The box assembled is approximately 3-1/2” x 9” x 5” and has the box base (does not have a bottom), the lid plus the pieces shown.  All pieces are compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats.  

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all your base pieces and fold on the score lines.  Place adhesive on the tabs.
2.  Adhere the long base piece to one of the side base pieces.  Do this for both.
3.  Adhere the two pieces together so you have a short side base, long base, short side base, long base.
4.  Join the remaining tab to the other side.
5.  Pop your base up to form its shape.  Push the short sides in and then adhere the long side to them.  Make sure to keep the box shape tight.
6.  Adhere your lid in place.  I line mine up and push the adhesive so it stays, then turn it over and run a bone folder over the tabs on the inside so it is secured well.
7.  Slide your box over your tissues.
8.  Place your mats in place and embellish as desired!


Janis PauseDreamEnjoy said...

Love these! Just got mine in the SOS today. Thank you for sharing your talent! :) Janis

Kim said...

Perfect for awesome back to school time!
Kim xXx

Janis PauseDreamEnjoy said...

Oh, and I want to add thank you for including the link directly to the how to posts in the SOS store with the files. That makes it so easy to get here.

Sandi said...

Hi, I just started using my Christmas Present, the Cameo, this week. It is all over whelming! I purchased this file in the Sil Store and was applying it to the mat so I could cut it out. When I looked at it the dimensions seem to be way off. I'm ridiculously dense when it comes to this stuff. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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