Saturday, May 24, 2014

Father's Day Projects

These next two boxes can be used in one of two ways!
You can use it as an open box letting the design be see through or you can add in the secondary box to give the design color and the box a lid to close!  These boxes are approximately 4-3/4" x 3" x 2-1/2" and are compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats.
You can find the tutorial for these boxes HERE.

This project tray is perfect for holding all the little things Dad will need while doing a project!
It has a base box that has a long storage box inside and comes with a divider that can be placed to create two compartments then there is a top tray (with handles) that sits on top. This tray can be used as it is or you can cut the three additional boxes that sit inside it. There are also dividers that comes in the file to split two of these these boxes into two sections! The image shows the bottom tray with divider and the top tray with three boxes and two dividers and what they look like together. This file works with both the 12x12 and 8-1/2x12 mats.
Here is the tutorial:

1.  Cut out all your pieces and fold on the score lines.  Gather your three box pieces (box base, bottom tray, upper tray).
2.  Place adhesive on all the tab pieces then adhere the tabs to the side of the boxes to form their shape.
3.  Insert the bottom tray inside the box base.
4.  Gather your large divider and fold as shown.
5.  Place adhesive under the peak then adhere the peak together.
6.  Place adhesive under the divider and adhere it in the bottom tray.
7.  Insert your top tray.
8.  Build your smaller boxes as you did above.
9.  Insert the two larger boxes off to each side and the small box in the middle.  Adhere your dividers in place.
10-11. Adhere your Project Box title in place.  Your box will look similar to these images now.

This box is approximately 4-1/4" x 5-3/4" x 3" and it comes with a divider to make four sections.  The bottom tray the box sits in is suggested to us, it does allow you to change the color of the base as well as provide extra support to the box.  The file also comes with a band for the bottom tray which has faux stitching.  The file is compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats.
Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all your pieces.  Gather your three box pieces and fold on the score lines.
2.  Adhere your left piece on, lining up the edge of the center.
3.  Adhere your right piece on, again lining up the center.
4.  Place adhesive on the four tabs then adhere those tabs to the box edges.
5. Gather your tray piece.  Fold on the score lines then place adhesive on the four tabs.  Adhere the tabs to the box sides.
6.  Insert your box into the tray.  This tray provides support to the box so it can hold the heavier remotes or cell phones.
7.  Cut your two covering mats and adhere the largest against the back to cover the tabs.
8.  Adhere the second covering mat against the front inside area to cover the tabs.
9.  Gather your divider pieces and fold on the score lines.
10.  Slide the long slit down on the smaller slit.  Place adhesive on the four tabs.
11.  Adhere your divider in place.
12.  Adhere your band on the box, overlapping the edges on each side.  Fill your box with your remotes or cell phones!

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Clay Delgado said...

This is a great idea! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You upcycle something that’s no longer being used and make it into a useful gift! Might work for big boxes as well! Now you’ve given everyone at home an idea for their discarded boxes! Thanks for sharing.

Clay Delgado @ World Packaging

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