Monday, April 07, 2014

Party Balls!

Happy Monday!
I am super excited to share this weeks new files with you!  I am on a party theme this 
week so many of my files coordinate together to help you decorate for your event!  

These are my new Party Balls and they are so much fun to create...and they bring even more fun to your rooms!  These would be fabulous for parties, decorating kids' rooms, these would even be wonderful for weddings and showers!

All of these files are sizable so you can make them larger or smaller to fit your needs!

As sized, this file is approximately 7" in diameter!

1.  Cut out all the pieces and bend on the score lines.
2.  Place adhesive on the tab areas of the pieces.
3.  Adhere two of the tabs together as shown.
4.  Add in a third piece and adhere two tabs together.
5.  Continue building your pieces until you have a side of FIVE together.
6.  Build three separate sets of five then adhere the three sets together as shown.
7.  Add in your remaining pieces, making sure the side you are working on has FIVE sides (5 is the key to getting these in the proper shape!).
8.  Your finished ball will look like this!  Simply tie a string through the hole and hang!

These next two files both have the ability to hold a battery operated tealight candles!

As sized, this on is approximately 10-1/2" in diameter!

This ball goes together similar to the ball above.  You will want to make sure you have sets of five on each side of the ball but with this one, you will want to start with the hanging pieces.  

1. Cut out all your pieces.  Start with your solid triangle cut piece and add in two pieces with hanging holes, lining up the holes with those on the triangle cut piece.
2.  Add in your third piece again lining up the holes.
3.  This ball has a battery operated tealight holder (which is an optional piece).  If using it, cut out the pieces and then join the straight piece with the edges to itself using the tab.
4.  Place adhesive around the edge of one o the circles and place it adhesive side down in the circle form.
5.  Adhere the remaining circle on the bottom to cover the tabs.
6.  Continue building your ball in sets of FIVE for each side.  Before you close the ball, insert your tealight holder on the bottom panel with a strong adhesive.  (This will be the panel directly down from the solid triangle cut (you can enter the ball through the triangle to turn the candle off and on).
7.  Close the ball.
8.  Tie twine/string around the three holes as shown.
9.  Then tie the three pieces together and hang!

As sized, this on is approximately 8-1/2" in diameter!
This one follows the same tutorial as the Hanging Circle Ball- Holes.

Here's a look at what is new in my store this week:

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