Friday, March 21, 2014

Ixora and Geranium 3D Paper Flowers and a 3D Planter!

Today I am back with some flowers!
These are really fun to make and they look amazing inside the planter box I have (which is also in this post)!

Let's start with my 3D Ixora Flower

Here is the tutorial:

1. Cut out all your pieces. Starting with one of the form pieces, place adhesive all over the bottom area.
2. Form your stem. Place an adhesive in one corner and your skewer (or pencil) in the opposite corner then wrap tightly toward the adhesive corner. Place a piece of tape on the edge to secure. Remove your skewer.

3. Place your stem in the form as shown.
4. Wrap your form around the stem. Place a piece of tape to secure in place (this one won't show).
5. For each of your flowers, curve the petals.
6. Adhere your center piece to one of the flowers, folding the ends up. Then adhere that flower to the second flower, staggering the petals.
7. Adhere the flowers on to the form balls.
8. Your stem should look like this now.
9. Add flowers to your second form then apply adhesive to the back bottom area as shown.
10. Wrap this form around your existing form, just slightly below it.
11. Secure the end with a strong adhesive.
12. Bend the form pieces a little to get your desired look. 

13. Adhere the petals on to cover your stem tape!

Next is my 3D Geranium Flower

This flower follows the above tutorial with the exception of the flower.
For the flowers, curve each of the petals with a skewer (or pencil) then adhere the center in the middle, bending the ends up. 

And finally, my 3D Planter!
This file comes with all the pieces you need to create this planter box. The pieces are sizeable to fit your needs and are compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats.  The file comes sized at 2-1/2” x 5-3/4” x 2-1/2”.  

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all the pieces.  Fold the box base on the score lines then add adhesive to the four tabs.  Adhere the tabs to the box sides to form.
2.  Adhere the trim pieces to the top edge of the box.
3.  Adhere the individual panels to the box sides (each long side has 5 and each short end has 2). 
4.  Fill with flowers!


newgramma626 said...

I don't see the tutorial for the geraniums. Am I too early? It is so cute!

Jamie Cripps said...

I didn't realize the tutorial didn't save. I have it up now, thank you for letting me know!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Jamie

I am totally in love with all of your flower designs - so much so, I think I have purchased 99% of them from the Sil. Store! Also love your vases and have purchased a couple of those too - I think you've hit the nail on the head with all of your recent floral related designs. I really need to make some up and see what I can do about making a floral wreath for spring or something with them (maybe an Easter one??)...

Thank you so much for your hard work in putting the designs and the tutorials in place... I wish you all the success with them that you deserve!

Paula (UK) x x x

trailrprkprincs said...

I love all your new flower files and I bought several. I just opened the geranium file and it has a square shape in there. What is that for?

Jamie Cripps said...

The square is for the stem, Step #2 in the tutorial.
Thanks so much, Jamie

john son said...

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Flowerdiscos Scrap Hut said...

having fun making the geraniums planter box. i just finished my first cluster.
so pretty!

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