Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3D Gerbera Daisy and Fringe Flower

I am excited about this next one...
This is my Gerbera Daisy and I just love how it turned out.  
Both of these next two flowers look better in person...I just couldn't get the photos to give them justice!

1.  Cut out all the pieces.  I cut the seven largest in a light pink, the next three in a darker pink, then the fringe piece in a dark yellow.  Roll up your fringe piece and adhere it together then curve all your petal pieces with a skewer (or pencil).
2.  Adhere your fringe piece to the center of the smallest flower and pull the fringe pieces down and out.
3.  Adhere this piece in the next largest flower, staggering the petals.
4-10.  Continue adhering the flower pieces together staggering the petals, going from smallest to largest.
11.  Your flower should look like this now.
12.  For the stem, place a glue dot in one corner then your skewer (or pencil) in the opposite corner. 
13.  Roll tightly towards your glue dot.
14.  Secure the corner piece with a piece of tape and remove your skewer.
15.  Cut three slices in one end and pull them apart as shown.  Apply a strong adhesive on each flat piece and adhere to the bottom of the flower.  Cut out the leaf pieces and curl them with the skewer.  Adhere to the flower stem to hide the tape.

Next up is my Full Fringe Flower!
This flower is so cute and can have many different looks just by shaping the fringe pieces.  I am showing mine just as it comes but you can use your skewer to add curves to each petal making it look more full!

1.  Cut out all your pieces and then add adhesive to the two small scallop pieces.
2.  Roll one of the small scallop pieces tightly around your skewer (or pencil) then adhere the second one one, offsetting the scallop pieces slightly then roll it around the first one to form one large piece.
3.  It should look like this now.
4.  Grab one of your fringe pieces and apply adhesive along the bottom straight edge.
5.  Place your small scallop piece toward the right edge and roll the fringe piece around it, keeping the roll tight and even at the bottom.
6.  Your piece should look like this now.
7.  Grab your second fringe piece and adhere your main piece on it as shown.  Continue to roll tightly and even with the bottom.
8.  Your flower will look like this now!
9.  Pull out the fringe pieces and shape if desired.
10.  Follow the stem tutorial from above and adhere the stem to the flower base.
11.  Bend your stem and your flower is complete!

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Nicole said...

I have really enjoyed all the flowers and vases you've created lately! So beautiful and inspiring :)

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