Monday, October 21, 2013

8 Piece Pie Plate!

Good morning and happy Monday!  Today is new release day at Silhouette and I have lots of fun files for you this week!  Let's start with my pie plate!

This pie plate holds 8 of my pie boxes.  It is approximately 2-1/4" tall and 9" in diameter and is compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats.

Here is the tutorial:

1. Cut out the pieces in the file. If you are using the Portrait you will have two base pieces each will need to be cut twice then the smaller piece adheres to the larger piece using the guidelines on the larger piece. If you are using the Cameo, just cut two of the base pieces. 
2. Place adhesive on the band pieces as shown.
3.  Adhere two of the band ends together to make one long strip.
4.  Adhere the third band on the other end of the long band. 
5.  Fold the large flap back along the top edge.  
6.  Place adhesive around the edge of one of the base pieces.
7.  Then begin adhering the tabs under the base piece.
8.  Continue forming and adhering the tabs under the base piece.
9.  Your pie plate should look like this now.
10. Flip your plate over so the bottom is facing up.
11. Place adhesive all over the remaining base piece then adhere it to the bottom of the pie plate to cover the tabs.
12. Turn your plate back over.
13. Fill your pie plate with eight slices of my pie boxes!

Here are my Pie Boxes:

And here is a look at what else will be releasing this week:

These files have been uploaded to the Silhouette queue but it 
may take a couple days before they are available!


Rowanvamp0 said...

OK I have a question for you concerning the Pie Plate. When you go to line up your sides of the pie plate I'm a little confused, Do you stick the notches against the flat edge of the other strip if so when you do that one when they meet it becomes two straight edges. Is there anyway you can help maybe make bigger pictures with directions for each step or even a video? Thank you for your assistance.

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Rowanvamp0 - I tried to email you back with larger images, but your account is not tied to your email. For the three pieces, there isn't an order - you just need to make one long strip. Hope that helps. Thanks, Jamie

Rowanvamp0 said...

Sorry Jamie wonder why my email isn't working..okay let me send it to you here it's my name then I use yahoo as my mail. Now I still don't understand maybe I just can't wrap my head around it and hope that the pictures will help more. Thank you for writing I'm excited to put together my pie..P.S. I brought every slice!!!

Rowanvamp0 said...

I did try to make one long strip, but one of them needs to be flipped --look at your pattern and you will see what I am talking about --

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