Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Six Section Marker Box + New Silhouette Files!

Good Morning and Welcome to September!  My kiddos are going back to school today...can you hear the excitement in my voice?  :)  I love having them home but I welcome the structure school provides us and the quiet of the house is always great too!  (it is always nice to have the house cleaned and remain clean for more than 30 minutes at a time as well!)

Today I would like to introduce my new Six Section Marker Box.  This box can be used horizontally or vertically and has three boxes which each contain two sections.  I left them removable as I tend to take a group of markers with me to color so this makes it so easy to grab the color grouping I want!  The main box is approximately 6" x 3-3/4" x 3-1/4".  The inside boxes are 5-7/8" x 3-1/8" x 1-1/8" and each compartment is about 1-1/8" x 1-1/2" x 5-7/8".  You can cut multiples and glue the main boxes together (tops and sides) to create and entire marker storage center!  The files are compatible with both the 12x12 and 8-1/2x12 mats!
Here's the tutorial:
1.  Cut out the main box pieces and fold on all the score lines.
2.  Add adhesive to the right long tab of the smaller piece and adhere the tab to the left edge of the larger main box piece as shown.
3.  Place adhesive around the three short tabs around the bottom of the larger piece and adhere the tabs to the sides of the box.
4.  Place adhesive along the remaining tab and adhere it to the edge of the box.
5.  Your box should look like this now!
6.  Next cut three of the divider boxes.
7.  Fold on all the score lines then add adhesive to the two long side tabs.
8.  Each side folds into the main box.  Bring both pieces toward the center, line them up and adhere them as shown.
9.  Next place adhesive between the two boxes to glue their sides together.  I use a liquid adhesive for this step.  If you are using a tape adhesive you can add it in step 8 before you bring the two together.
10. Flip the box around so the back is facing you.  Add adhesive on the two rounded tabs and on the back of the two side tabs.
11. Tuck the two side tabs in to the box and close the end so it is flat against the box.
12.  Use a pen on the inside to push the rounded tabs against the back of the box and the side tabs to the sides of the box.
13.  Lastly, add adhesive to the remaining tab area and adhere it down on the box.
14.  Your divider box should look like this now.
15.  Repeat steps 7-13 until you have three boxes.
16.  Insert your divider boxes into the main box.
17.  Fill with markers!

Here is what else you will find in my store this week!


Cissy Shields said...

I love all of your organizers. I have bought so many of them on the silhouette online store. What is the easiest way to download instructions for them to use as I'm making them?

Don't see new marker box in store yet but I'll check back


Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Hi Cissy! I only have my tutorials on my blog, so you can either follow along with those or print them out to your home printer.

My files for this week are still in the queue at Silhouette, hopefully they will make it in soon!

Thanks so much,

bhelenj said...

I love all your boxes. Can you make a box(es) to storage the Copic refills (Various ink. I'd like it not to be too tall. I'd like to be able to reach the refills to pull one out. Thanks so much.

Carol said...

Do your files come in .svg I would love to get some but just want to make sure. Thanks


lovestowearhats said...

Hi there, I'm making the marker box now and have the sides and bottom done but now the inserts are supposed to be 11.8" - Um, I have a Silhouette SD and this won't fit - any suggestions to fit it on the 8.5" x 11" cardstock for the SD? Thanks! I love this design!

Nicki Ford said...

Hi Jamie,

I love all of your storage files!!! I have already made the sketch pen holder, a few 6x6 paper boxes (I have a major addiction!), and a few others. I am curious if the marker marker box can be modified for Tombow Dual Brush markers and/or other longer markers like Distress...because that would be FANTASTIC!

Keep up the amazing work! My studio is slowly but surely getting more organized.


shawna ferguson said...

LOVE this! I want to make it but was wondering if it fits the Spectrum Noir Markers because that's what I have and I just refuse to spend all that money on those plastic trays.

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