3D Pumpkin Box!

This Pumpkin box is perfect for Fall, Halloween, and even Thanksgiving and it can be used for gift giving or as home decor!   The finished project measure approximately 6-1/2" x 4" x 3-1/2" and it can be cut on the 12x12 and 8-1/2x12 mats!

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut the six box pieces and bend on all the score marks.
2.  Gather two of the pieces and add adhesive on all the side tabs on both pieces.
3.  Line up the middle sections and adhere the tab to the coordinating piece.
4.  Adhere the remaining tabs in their corresponding areas.
5.  Grab the third piece and add adhesive to its tabs then attach the same way.
6.  Continue adding adhesive to the tabs and attaching the pieces.
7.  When you are on the sixth piece, attach it to the middle section of the first placed piece.
8.  Attach the remaining tabs to finish the form.  Your piece should look like this now.
9.  Turn your piece upside down and cut the two polygon pieces.
10. Add adhesive to the bottom tabs and begin adhering the tabs to the first polygon piece.
11. Place your hand inside the pumpkin to secure the tabs firmly.
12. Your bottom should look like this now.
13. Next cover the entire bottom of the second polygon shape.
14. Place it inside the pumpkin box, adhesive side down.
15. Cut your six side pieces and add adhesive on the top, center, and bottom of each as shown.
16.  Set your main piece upright and off to the side for a bit.
17.  Cut the pieces for the lid and fold on the score lines.
18-19. Adhere the tabs to the sides to form the lid.
20.  Place adhesive on the remaining tab as shown.
21.  Attach it to the back of your Pumpkin box and fold it back and crease along the edge.
22.  Cut the stem, lid mat, and the three leaf pieces.
23.  For the stem, place adhesive on the areas shown by the arrows.
24.  Bring the edges together and adhere.  Your stem should look like this now.
25.  Stand the stem up and add adhesive to each of the three tabs.
26.  Push the lid mat over the stem and adhere the tabs.
27.  Place adhesive all over the bottom of the lid mat as shown.
28.  Adhere the lid mat to the center of the pumpkin box lid.
29-31. Adhere your leaf pieces in place as desired.
32.  Your box will look similar to this now.
33.  Add twine or ribbon around the stem to finish and then fill your box if desired!



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