Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Four Section Storage Bin

Good Morning!  Today I am sharing my new Four Section Storage Bin with you!  The finished project measures about 5-3/4" x 3-1/8" x 4" and has two wide sections and two tall sections.  I store my colored pencils in the tall sections, two ink pads on the narrow side and my gamsol, blending sticks, and sanding board on the other side.  It is perfect for picking up and taking to the other room to color!   This bin could hold lots of other items as well it would even be cute for straws and plastic utensils and napkins!  This file is compatible with both the 12x12 and 8-1/2 x 12 mats.

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out the three pieces then fold on all the score lines.
2.  Starting with the rectangle piece, place adhesive on the two skinny long tabs on each end then place adhesive on the second section from the right end as shown.
3.  Grab the "T" shaped piece and place adhesive along the tab edge as shown.
4.  Adhere the pieces together as shown in the image above.
5.  Next fold your rectangle piece, folding both end in to meet in the middle.
6.  Adhere the two together.
7.  Then adhere the skinny tabs to the other side wall.  You can push down through both ends.
8.  Your box will look like this now!
9.  Flip your box over and add adhesive to the middle section as shown.
10.  Flip the box back over laying the rectangle piece of the "T" on your table.  Line up the remaining piece with the section you have adhesive on.
11.  Adhere the pieces together.  Place a small strip of adhesive along the bottom edge of the box forms on both sides as shown.
12.  Adhere the box forms to the side tabs so they stand on their own.
13.  Next place adhesive on the six tabs shown.
14.  Adhere the left side up and adhere to the box forms.
15.  Bring the right side up and adhere to the box should have one scallop that overlaps on both sides.
16.  Fill you box with goodies!


Khush Interis said...

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Mark Sindone said...

This four section storage box is great for organizing similar items together without having to group them all up unnecessarily. Each section can be used to separate the items according to their colors, sizes or even shapes. I think this box is perfect for make up kits where items like brushes might all look similar but serve different purpose each. And that is when the different sections come in handy.

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